Swadlincote Safer Neighbourhood Team shares lighthearted run-down of this week's diverse workload

  Posted: 13.09.20 at 21:22 by The Editor

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Swadlincote Police's Safer Neighbourhood Team has shared a light-hearted run-down of their working week...from clamping down on uninsured drivers to investigating the theft of farm eggs.

The team posted details on Facebook this evening, along with a photo gallery.

And while the tone may be jovial, the long list of activities undertaken within the community reveals the diversity of the hard-working officers' workload.

Starting with this weekend, the post says: "If you had two days with the Sarge, what would you do???

"Well 13,000 steps later, a number of problem areas checked, a couple of vulnerable people checked on and everywhere was looking much better than the blisters on his feet.

"During their patrolling over the weekend Bully and the Sergeant have made numerous checks on local parks as well as beauty spots such as Foremark and Rosliston Forestry Centre, with everyone enjoying the sunny weather we have had.

Courtesy of Swadlincote Police SNT

"On Saturday evening the pair took a trip up to Rosliston where some dishonest little thief had stolen eggs from a farm in the area.

"Though when the Sergeant found out that there were goats on the site he had to pose for a photo, luckily for him this guy wasn’t so baaaaaaad!

"Fortunately for our farmer, Bully is an expert in this field and she'll be hopefully charging someone for this soon!!

"Also this week we’ve continued to complete school parking patrols, covered anti-social behaviour incidents and get a few more uninsured cars along the way.

"The one pictured was picked up by Megatron and Bully on Thursday, unfortunately for this driver the pair were not fooled by the fake insurance policy he provided."

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