Police Appeal To South Derbyshire Day-trippers Not To Leave Litter At Local Beauty Spots

  Posted: 25.06.20 at 18:00 by The Editor

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Police in South Derbyshire have told day-trippers in the area not to leave their litter behind at local beauty spots.

Swadlincote Safer Neighbourhood Team posted a message from Melbourne and Mercia Police who also supplied photos of the mess left behind by the public at Foremark Reservoir on Wednesday.

Accompanied by the tagline ‘Feeling Disappointed’, the message read: “Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts.

“Please take in consideration for our precious wildlife and environment by NOT leaving your rubbish after having refreshments or/and picnics.

“Thank you for your attention.”

Derbyshire Police issued a statement on Wednesday highlighting the problem of dangerous parking around Foremark and other areas in the county Police issue 30 parking tickets at Foremark

Police issued 30 ticket for dangerous parking at Foremark Reservoir on Wednesday - and recovered one vehicle for causing an obstruction. Fines of Â...