Police Issue 30 Tickets To Motorists For Dangerous Parking at Foremark Reservoir

  Posted: 24.06.20 at 19:41 by The Editor

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Police issued 30 ticket for dangerous parking at Foremark Reservoir on Wednesday - and recovered one vehicle for causing an obstruction.

Fines of £100 and three points on the driver’s licence were given for parking against double white lines in the centre of the road.

These road markings are only used on roads that are so dangerous that overtaking and parking is prohibited, due to the risk presented to road users.

Dozens of fines have been issued for dangerous parking at beauty spots across the county.

And Derbyshire Police say they have been concerned by the behaviour of motorists.

Chief Inspector Becky Webster said: “Over the last few weeks we have seen a large number of people accessing beauty spots across the county.

"All of these locations have parking provisions but, sadly, these have a limit. Instead of finding a safe and legal place to park some drivers have decided to put themselves and other road users in serious danger.

"The roads that we have seen the fines given out on are higher speed roads with a solid white line system in place. These markings means that parking and overtaking are prohibited.

"What is really concerning is that people are still choosing to park next to these signs, leaving their vehicles while they enjoy a day out in the countryside – with what appears to be no consideration for other road users.”

Police say they people are anxious to get out into the countryside, however where car parks are full, visitors should look to park legally and in a safe place.

Due to vehicles parking on both sides of the road in these areas, the highway becomes very narrow.

The Police point out that some areas emergency vehicles would not be able to get through.

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