Police Continuing To Take Action Over Dangerous Parking At Foremark Reservoir

  Posted: 26.06.20 at 15:36 by The Editor

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Police have removed a car and issued penalty points and fines for dangerous parking at Foremark Reservoir.

With crowds heading for the South Derbyshire attraction in this week’s good weather, police have complained about motorists leaving their cars where they should not and the public leaving litter behind.

The police say they are working with the relevant authorities to try and find a solution.
But in the meantime, they encoring the law.

Swadlincote Safer Neighbourhood Team posted on their Facebook account and said: “It’s the start of a new day and we’ve already had officers down near Foremark Reservoir.

“The car pictured was towed due to dangerous parking.

“Over the last few days, the area has had a large police presence due to dangerous and illegal parking and this is something that we will be continuing to monitor.

“Every vehicle that we have found parked on the road or the verge contravening the double white line system has been issued a traffic offence report, which will lead to the drivers at least receiving points and a fine for their actions.

“We are working with Severn Trent, Highways and South Derbyshire District Council to provide a longer-term solution to the issues that we are seeing.

“However, in the interim, be aware that we are acting against anyone and everyone that risks the safety of our road users.

“In addition to issues with parking on the road, we have also had reports of anti-social behaviour linked to the site, which is having a detrimental affect on those living nearby.

“Again, our officers will be in the area to tackle these and any offences identified will be dealt with.

“If the car parks are closed or full, then please go somewhere else.

“Please respect our area and our community when visiting us.”

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