Swadlincote Police want to speak to 'off-road' driver - and reveal the weekend list of lockdown rule breakers

  Posted: 23.02.21 at 10:51 by By Swadlincote Nub News

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Swadlincote Police issued a weekend appeal for the driver of this car to come and claim it.

The vehicle came off the road at William Nadin Way and police were keen to speak to the owner.

A message on the Swadlincote Safer Neighbourhood Team Facebook page reads: "To the driver who thought he could go off road on William Nadin way, can you come back and explain how it got there?"

The SNT also listed a number of people who were caught breaking lockdown rules in South Derbyshire at the weekend - in contrast to others who have gone out of their way to help others.

They posted: "It certainly wasn’t a lazy few days for your Safer Neighbourhood Team.

"The weekend’s brighter and warmer weather brought a degree of optimism into the air.

"But, with regret, it also introduced a sea of thoughtless and selfish small faces into Swadlincote.

"As front-line officers we’re privileged to meet and witness the very best of society.

"People who put others above their own needs.

"Those who give freely, even in these most challenging of times.

"From the community-spirited female volunteer who walks dozens of miles in the country lanes surrounding Foremark Reservoir clearing verges of rubbish and discarded household waste, to the villagers who assisted in the search for a vulnerable young person over the weekend, we salute you.

"On the flip-side we’ve also experienced a heightened level of inappropriateness this weekend. Individuals and groups who don’t want to play their part in our community:

"To the lovestruck female who made a non-essential journey from Batley, in West Yorkshire, for an after-dark encounter with an uninsured male driver at a secluded reservoir car park – what were you thinking?

"The driver who only had a provisional licence had his Volkswagen Polo seized – and the couple were both handed £200 fixed penalty notices.

"To the gang of men and teenagers who broke into the grounds of a local school to conduct a mass football match, leaving a trail of disgusting rubbish for the caretaker to clear up before children return for lessons today – what were you thinking?

"Officers have already identified a number of individuals involved and further inquiries are underway.
To the couple who met at a well-known antisocial behaviour hotspot at Lowes Lane, near Swarkestone, for a rendezvous and a “chill-out”, despite one of them making a 150-mile round-trip from Buckinghamshire to do so – what were you thinking?

"Both were handed fines and sent home.

"Officers will continue patrolling Swadlincote throughout the coming shifts."

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