Swadlincote Police Arrest Two In Newhall Drugs Raid After Suspected County Lines 'Cuckooing'

  Posted: 22.06.20 at 23:34 by The Editor

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Swadlincote Police arrested two suspected ‘county line’ drug dealers at an address in Newhall where the occupant was thought to have been ‘cuckooed’.

The raid also saw drugs and money seized with the person living there supported and protected.

But not after what officers described as a ‘game of hide and seek’ with the suspects doing their best to stay out of sight.

County lines dealers usually come in from the outside the area and occupy the home of a vulnerable person - using the house as a base - known as ‘cuckooing’.

Swadlincote Police recently made it clear they would clamp down on the practice in the area.

And on Saturday night, they discovered another suspected example.

A Facebook post by Swadlincote Safer Neighbourhood Team explained what happened.

It reads: “Where would you hide?

“On Saturday night our resident Chuckle Brothers, PC’s Anwar and Kelly, were joined by members of the Swadlincote response team.

“They attended an address in Newhall, which they suspected had been cuckooed by county lines drug dealers.

“On entry to the house it seems our suspected dealers had decided to go into hiding, though it’s bad luck for them that at the ‘Police Academy’ we get extensive search training.

“So it was easy for freshly trained Newbie Stu and his loanee tutor, SNT PC Wheldon to find them.

“We’d loved to have seen if these two were able to up their game, however as one was already wanted for failing to appear at court, they were both subsequently arrested.

“Drugs and money were seized from the address and we continue to support and protect the occupant.

“The investigation is currently ongoing.”

Swadlincote SNT say that was not their only success.

The Facebook post adds: “As well as their game of hide and seek this weekend they located a small cannabis grow in Weston-on-Trent, then found people in possession of cocaine and cannabis on Newhall Park.

“All in all, a successful weekend for the boys!”

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