Car swap couple given takeaway of a different kind by Swadlincote Police after McDonald's trip goes wrong

  Posted: 04.04.21 at 00:09 by By Swadlincote Nub News

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A couple swapped seats in their car while driving through McDonalds to try stop Swadlincote Police noticing the man at the wheel did not have any insurance.

But officers spotted the cheeky switch and seized the vehicle in a different kind of takeaway.

Swadlincote's Safer Neighbourhood Team explained what happened on their Facebook page.

The post reads: "Whilst on patrol, SNT officers PC Holmes and PCSO Edwards spotted a male driver paying particular attention to them whilst driving into McDonalds.

"On leaving, a female was driving the vehicle.

"The driver and passenger had clearly swapped the driving order.

"The male was not insured to drive. Vehicle seized, driver and passenger both reported for summons.

The SNT post added: "Whilst patrolling, PC Smethurst and PCSO Edwards came across a drunken female aged 15 on Newhall Park.

"She was taken home and given strong words of advice. Parents were not impressed either.

"The team will continue to patrol the parks as a priority."

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